Top level karting drivers prepared for the racing season at a collective test in Adria

A week before the season-opening WSK Champions Cup, the collective test of the WSK, the most prestigious international karting series, was held in Adria. It was a routine task for Martin Molnár, but also a good opportunity to look back on his progress in the OK Junior category over the past year.

“The main story of the weekend was being able to push the kart on my own,” laughed Martin, and that’s a great achievement. OKJ karts are not easy to launch and young drivers entering the category usually face difficulties in that respect.

The test followed the predefined protocol, with the team trying several chassis’, engines and carburettors. It was also a good opportunity for Martin to get back into the swing of things after a longer off-season than before.

Even though he had to miss racing, the last few weeks have been eventful as Martin has been training intensively with Fit4Race and with the help of his new performance coach from the US, Jebrai Regan. The specialist will be on hand at the season opener to ensure Martin’s physical and mental preparation, as well as his ideal nutrition.

“I have strengthened a lot over the past year. I remember this time last year, at my first OKJ test, I kept looking at the clouds because I couldn’t keep my neck straight. Now I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit tired by the end of the day, but I would have gone if I could have. The laptimes were good, I was in the top five several times, but it doesn’t really matter here.”

Competing in major championships

As in his first OKJ season last year, Martin Molnár will compete in all WSK races this year, as well as the FIA European Championship and the Champions of the Future series. These three championships will use OKJ standard karts and will see the strongest fields.

“I had some good results last year and I want to improve on them this year. I’m ready, the team is ready and the first race could start tomorrow,” said the 13-year-old. That won’t be long in coming, as the WSK Champions Cup will be held in Lonato from 20-23 January.